Increasing the value of your home is easy when you know exactly what the housing market is looking for.  There are tons of ideas and advice from the web, including which type of modifications top the list, how much to invest, and even DIY tips to help sell your house in the market.

Statistics show that on the average, UK homeowners collectively spend close to £30 billion annually on home improvement projects.  That is quite a ton of money for people who are on a tight budget.

So how do you go about spending money on improvements with a sure return? 

First, know which modifications are most likely to boost your home’s market value.  Real estate experts were surveyed regarding their home improvement priorities and it wasn’t surprising that half of the respondents preferred an additional bedroom. 

Other suggested improvements (in order of priority) included a kitchen upgrade, adding a new toilet and bath, and constructing a conservatory.

Kitchen extension

Simply extending the floor space of your kitchen by a few square feet already increases the value of your home.  There are no permits required in this case and so you won’t be incurring additional expenses.  You’ll be spending £20,000 more or less but the return could be quite significant.

New toilet and bath

Another part of the house which may be added or improved is the toilet and bath.  Building a new bathroom could tremendously boost your home’s value.

A masters bedroom connected to a bathroom is quite in demand among house hunters willing to pay the price of comfort.  En suites may cost up to £6,000 so avoid spending too much on faucets and flooring.  There is high quality but reasonably-priced bathroom fixtures available in the UK market today.  Also, choosing a theme that appeals to the majority of buyers should be taken into account and not solely on what matches your lifestyle and preferences.


Glass houses have become popular again.  However, if you are planning to construct one, make sure you use only the best materials.         High-quality glass allows light to perfectly stream through the room and this beautiful feature alone could bring a significant boost to your home’s existing price tag.  At, you can get a free estimate on how much your home is priced right now.  You might want to do this before embarking on building a conservatory or any planned improvements  This will help you compare values at project’s end if your home improvement has truly paid off.

From loft to bedroom

If you have an existing loft, you can easily convert it into a new bedroom.  it could take as little as £15,000, depending of course on the total area you are renovating.

Whether it’s a new bathroom, a kitchen extension, or a glass house, give your home improvement project careful thought and planning.  That way, all your investments will pay off.