The first consideration is the position of your sofa, this is crucial because it is the largest and most important furniture. You must consider the size and the material. You do not want your sofa to occupy most of the room that mobility and cleaning will be a problem.

The right sofa

It’s the room you spend most of the time like reading a book, watching TV, bonding with your family and entertaining visitors. It’s the most visible part of your home. Having a beautiful living room does not need to be expensive. I have some ideas on how you can decorate your space.


 LivingRoom choosing the right sofa

LivingRoom lighting options

Choosing the right lighting

There must be a focal point where you can rest your eyes on whether a painting, a nice light fixture, fire place or a very nice outdoor view. If you do not have these you can be creative by adding an oversized mirror making the room look bright and spacious.

Selecting the rug 

And a nice rug is eye-catching too. Choosing a rug for your room depends on what activities you expect to do in your living room. There should be balance in everything that you do so that your space will look inviting and relaxing.

 LivingRoom rugs
 LivingRoom accessories

Accessorise you home

In order for your design to look finished you must add accessories to make it inviting and cozy. Your accessories must accentuate your pieces of furniture. The over-all look of your room will depend on how you positioned your pieces of furniture and your accessories.


More decorating ideas on this video below