door painting diy ideas

The doors of your home can be can be tricky to paint, especially if they are panelled.

Technique and order are very important to get the best result. It is easy to look at the door and surrounding area and think ‘where do I start?’ Well, for panel doors, it is best to start with the panels themselves.

That way any drips from painting the body of the door will not leave an impression should they get on the panels, as they are already painted.

Technique becomes important when painting the rest of the door, as you should after the panels.

The key is to paint in the direction of the wood grain. Typically, the areas at the top, middle and bottom where there are no panels will be horizontal, with the rest being vertical.

Much like colouring-in at school, going off in random directions will leave a messy and undesired finish.

Painting the Front Door

With the front of the door now painted, move on to the hinge and lock sides, making sure not to get paint on the front of the door, disrupting the finish. A smaller brush will help prevent this. You may choose to also paint the top of the door, but it is not really necessary given that no one will see it anyway.

All that is left now is the frame, which, similar to the door itself, should be painted according to the grain – in this case, the sides should be vertical and the top horizontal.

The doors will be the first thing people see so it is important to paint them correctly and give off a good impression.